Carlton Dunfermline

Carlton Bingo, Dunfermline, is one of the most attractive and luxurious bingo clubs in Britain. Located in Fife Leisure Park, Halbeath, there are ample car parking spaces, or the No.19/19a/3 bus will drop you off directly into the Park.

Our club has excellent facilities including a bistro offering a selection of snacks and meals served to your table, until 3.00pm daily!

Our brand new ‘Chat Room’ area, allows players to play bingo and chat with friends, a more modern approach to bingo. We are happy to reserve tables within this area for groups and parties.

Whether you are on your own or with a group of friends, we will look after you from the time you arrive, to the time you leave. Joining is easy and you can do this on your first visit to our Club!

14 Whimbrel Place,
Fife Leisure Park ,
KY11 8EX 

Tel: 01383 625700
Fax: 01383 626866

Manager: Craig Oliver



Prices and Times

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Doors Open Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Tues 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Wed 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Thur 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Fri 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Sat 11.00am 11.45am £3.00 £5.00
Sun 12.00pm n/a n/a n/a
Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 1.00pm 2.00pm £8.00 £10.00
Tues 1.00pm 2.00pm £8.00 £10.00
Wed 1.00pm 2.00pm £8.00 £10.00
Thur 1.00pm 2.00pm £8.00 £10.00
Fri 1.00pm 2.00pm £8.00 £10.00
Sat 1.00pm 2.00pm £12.00 £15.00
Sun 1.00pm 2.00pm £12.00 £15.00
Early Session Main Session Paper Prices Electronic Prices from
Mon 6.50pm 7.30pm £10.00 £13.00
Tues 6.50pm 7.30pm £7.00 £10.00
Wed 6.50pm 7.30pm £10.00 £13.00
Thur 6.50pm 7.30pm £7.00 £10.00
Fri 6.50pm 7.30pm £12.00 £15.00
Sat 6.50pm 7.30pm £12.00 £15.00
Sun 6.50pm 7.30pm £12.00 £15.00

Please note this is our standard times and prices which may vary on special promotions

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